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Rozsnyai Handmade Shoes is a classic and contemporary handmade footwear manufacturer. Customers can choose not only from the vast ready-to-wear collection, but can order entirely unique, customized and made to measure shoes as well.


"Since customers look for us from all over the world, and order online, our website's continuous availability is essential: our website contains all available information necessary for order, showroom location, opening hours and our collection. In January of 2017 some hackers penetrated our website and placed malicious code in it, so Google has shown malicious website warning. Unfortunately, we didn't even realize it immediately, just a few days later. The blacklist has decreased our website traffic, and it could severely damage the trust put in such a company, so we needed an immediate solution." Sandor Rozsnyai Jr., Managing Director, Rozsnyai Handmade Shoes

Rozsnyai Handmade Shoes needed a website malware solution to:

  • Prevent blacklisting by Google and other search engines and protect online reputation
  • Run permanent monitoring for malware on company website
  • Offer a reliable incident response team to remove malware and harden the website


"This is how we found Quttera. The helpful team, despite the weekend, removed all malicious code without a delay. The Quttera's THREATSIGN! Website Anti-Malware service offers not just a one-time cleaning, but continuous surveillance to avoid blacklisting and get an immediate warning if someone penetrates website, all of these at a reasonable price. We can only recommend them!." Sandor Rozsnyai Jr., Managing Director, Rozsnyai Handmade Shoes

THREATSIGN! Website Anti-Malware was an ultimate solution for Rozsnyai Handmade Shoes because:

  • They have the required integrity and malware monitoring tools for their production website
  • They can access their THREATSIGN! user dashboard from any device or location to get an insight on website health, review scan reports, configure monitors and etc.
  • They have a support team of seasoned experts available 24/7 in case of blacklisting, false-positives, hacking and any other website security issue


Rozsnyai Handmade Shoes enjoys:

  • Trusted and safe experience for online existing and new customers
  • Protected business and brand reputation
  • Cost-effective web malware cleanup and blacklisting removal services for company website
  • Malware incident resolution services by the top security professionals


There are no 100% hacker proof websites. The dedicated and automated hacking attacks are consistently targeting business websites, blogs, social security platforms and any other online site. History shows that even big websites with professional IT departments can be compromised. Web malware can destroy any successful business reputation by infecting the visitors, stealing customer data or sensitive company information, lock file system (ransomware) and by other illegal activity.

THREATSIGN! Website Anti Malware protects your websites and visitors from both known and unknown malware. Due to its unique technology and continuously enhanced scanning capabilities, THREATSIGN! is the state of art security monitoring and malware cleanup platform for any website size and complexity. With THREATSIGN! user dashboard UI you can configure the monitoring of your website, create periodic scan tasks, check the security status of your website, change notification and scanning settings, review the scan reports and file unlimited malware cleanup requests by our support experts.

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