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Rhino International Agencies (RIA) assist institutional libraries in their requirements of Literature, Journals, and Periodicals. Since 1970, RIA is on a mission to remain the preferred Educational Content disseminator and to provide timely access to Journals physically and electronically to the subscribers and to enhance their service experience year after year.


It is imperative that RIA website is functioning 24/7 so that required information is disseminated to the target group. Especially when they are seeking to channelize their journals procurement through a subscription agent.

The intended subscriber should be able to derive information from RIA website, provided he can access it. If it has been hacked and not accessible means, there is a potential loss of business. Moreover, when Google or other search engine says that your website has been blacklisted because some of the content in it is harmful, you are bound to lose customers.

Rhino needed a website malware solution to:

  • Detect, resolve and prevent blacklisting and protect online reputation
  • Run periodical checks for malware on site
  • Ensure no Spam, Malvertising, Defacement or any other malicious content on server / website
  • 24/7 incident response team of seasoned malware experts to mitigate hacking


Quttera's THREATSIGN! Website Anti-Malware turned out to be a great fit for RIA because:

  • They have access to anti-malware dashboard UI to monitor production website, review scan reports and blacklisting status by major search engine providers
  • They get meaningful insights on the website content from the scan reports such as internal & external links, referenced domains and hosts, bad links and other essential information
  • They have a team of professionals to act quickly on any website issues including malware & blacklisting removal from search engines like Google, Yandex, hacking remediation, false positives submission and any other help required to run a malware-free website

"I guess I saw Quttera's link when I was seeking for a solution when the website was hacked. They remedied the issue in a jiffy. And with constant communication and also guidance the website was up and running." Manu Bharadwaj, C.E.O, Rhino International Agencies


RIA enjoys:

  • Business continuity and protected online reputation
  • Automated malware and blacklisting scanning & alerting system for company website
  • Trusted and safe web environment for existing and new clients
  • Cost-effective malware incident resolution services


In the age when each and every successful business must have a website, the online reputation is vital to its success. Web malware can ruin it by infecting the visitors, disseminate malicious ads, sending Spam, stealing customer information and by conducting other criminal activities without your consent.

The diverse online threat landscape demands continuously enhanced and improved detecting and scanning capabilities which make it very costly to maintain the in-house solution. Furthermore, you should be able to concentrate on your business and stay on top of the competition while taking your customer's security seriously. All that is a tremendous effort that does not guarantee results and if not handled correctly might lead to irreversible damage to your virtual assets and even financial loss.

THREATSIGN! Website Anti Malware is powered by best in class malware scanning technology. We are continuously improving it by adding more capabilities that ensure highest detection (up to 97%) of unknown threats in the industry. With the THREATSIGN! the real-time website malware scanning and instant notifications are easy and do not require special knowledge and any installation and maintenance. Start monitoring your website by creating a periodic scan task and get scan reports directly to your mailbox. It saves your time and money with enhanced user dashboard that can be accessed from any device. Check the security status of your website, change notification and scanning settings, review the scan reports simply by login into your THREATSIGN! user dashboard. Not sure whether there is an issue or not, don't worry - assign one of our malware analysts to review your website files anytime you want.

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