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De Websmid agency offers a total package of services for companies that want to be successful online. From an idea until the realization, the company provides all necessary facilities such as design, development of websites or web shops, hosting and optimization. De Websmid is a specialist in developing web shops with the use of Prestashop eCommerce platform.


"When you offer a complete package of services for websites, then the maintenance and protection of the site or web shop are essential. Disruptions can have big consequences. The risk is significantly higher in the case of using an open source software such as Wordpress and Prestashop; these are attractive targets for hackers." Mariola Smid, C.E.O., De Websmid agency | Professional Websites and Webshops

De Websmid needed a website malware solution to:

  • Protect single and multi-sites clients
  • Remediate malware on WordPress and Prestashop based websites
  • Avoid Spam, Malvertising, Defacement and other malicious content on the server or website
  • Have 24/7 support from reliable and professional incident response team with seasoned malware experts to handle hacking
  • Provide security monitoring on daily / hourly basis, and comprehensive scan reports in HTML/PDF format
  • Enable automatic and on-demand internal and external malware scanning


"Quttera helps us when it goes wrong. They assist us, when a hacker gets access to a particular website or webshop, by cleaning and monitoring. A hacked website can contain malware in several places, removing it is a specialist job. Quttera has assisted us several times successfully. In this way, we can live up to offering a total package of services for our customers." Mariola Smid, C.E.O., De Websmid agency | Professional Websites and Webshops

THREATSIGN! Website Anti-Malware was a great fit for Websmid because:

  • They can provide a complete portfolio of the web services to the clients, including website malware and blacklisting solution
  • With the anti-malware user dashboard UI, they have a centralized access point to manage essential security tasks for numerous websites
  • They have a trusted team of experts in WordPress and Prestashop platforms as well as the other Content Management Systems and eCommerce platforms
  • They save time and money in case of blacklisting, hacking or other security incidents by acting fast with the resolution and through hardening of the websites


De Websmid enjoys:

  • Business continuation and fast recovery when online threat is detected
  • Automated and manual anti-malware services by top web security provider
  • Unlimited and cost-effective malware remediation and website blacklisting removal services
  • Trusted and safe environment to grow the business and maintain existing clients


Today's web agencies have to be able to address and solve a variety of the specific tasks to keep existing clients and attract new ones. The incomplete list of such tasks includes website design, SEO optimization, mobile support, content creation, online marketing, ads management, etc... However, all this work can be in vain, in the case of hacking or blacklisting. Hence, the demand in the industry is to have a single provider that offers the comprehensive solution for online businesses to run and to function smoothly.

Here at Quttera, we acknowledge this market demand, and we develop our tools to have the flexibility to fit the requirements of Web Agencies, Web Hostings, and Website Management Companies but also of the webmasters/website owners of any level of proficiency.

THREATSIGN! Website Anti-Malware is running on distributed cloud environment allowing for better scalability when dealing with bulk scanning. Such infrastructure allows extensive malware scanning capabilities for companies of any size. It's an ideal way to enhance website security perimeter with essential and cost-effective malware solution. THREATSIGN! Website Anti-Malware platform does not require installation, and you can use it from any device with internet access. Detect suspicious activity on your websites at any time, 24/7, scan the files internally (FTP /SFTP /SSH) and externally (HTTP), easily create a scheduled scan at the specific intervals. You can add properties in bulk to create security monitors for any number of websites automatically, or you can add them one by one. With the robust dashboard UI you can see the scheduled scan results, pending scans, overview all licensed properties and their blacklisting statuses and get other insights on anomalies or potentially suspicious items. And most important, you can always assign one of our malware analysts to review your website files and remove malware.

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