Web malware threat is real, making each and every website online a potential victim. It doesn't matter whether you're running a successful business with big web portal, enterprise website with IT team, web store or personal blog you are the target. Botnets, phishing, 'blackhat SEO' injections, spamming, malwertising and the list is long, all are hundreds of millions dollar cyber-crime industry. Perfectly automated, constantly evolving and enhancing malicious programs provide online criminals with efficient, easy to use and hard to detect toolset.

With 1 billion websites online and growing, the demand for such malicious services is huge as well as earnings it generates. Facing such dynamic and diverse online threats landscape, the information security industry is struggling to filling up the gaps and provide up to date and effective malware detection and removal technology to the webmasters. Traditional Anti-Virus programs, intrusion detections systems, behavioral-based detections and others are great inventions. However, they only cannot provide 100% hacking proof to website owners. In-depth analysis of daily, weekly and monthly statistics un-cover infected websites with small percent of which is actually blacklisted by authorities. Obviously, such websites posing almost certain threat to unsuspecting loyal customer or just a casual visitor.

Here is where Quttera comes with its patented technology and offers proprietary web malware scanning and detection concept. Built upon layered-based smart machine it includes, among the others, such innovative components like: self-learning malware identification mechanism, artificial intelligence layer and statistical approach. Combined together it provides highest detection rate and effectiveness when dealing with both existing and zero-day threats.

Such constant effort to make internet a safer place, requires developing free tools available to everyone. Our Website Malware Scanner - simple web based interface that allows users to enter website address and scan it online to get precise malware report. Whether you need to check your own website or other websites that you're about to visit, this scanner is for you.

Acknowledging new ways in how websites are built and all surrounding industry, we created the plugin for one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) out there - WordPress. Plugins for Joomla and other CMS are planned in future. Installing our Web Malware Scanner Plugin for WordPress provides you with powerful Internal and External scanning features, detailed scan reports, threat dump and others. Absolutely free for WordPress community with regular updates and enhanced functionality.

Cleanup Malware Form Your Website Now

Cleanup Malware Form Your Website Now»

It is important to understand that malware removal process cannot be 100% automated, even with most sophisticated anti-malware tools out there. That's why we developed SaaS-based solution that encompasses both our scanning and malware detection technology along with malware removal interface to easily request clean-ups from our malware analysts team - THREATSIGN!

Every malware attack results in reputation and financial loss. Fast hacking recovery insures business continuity getting you back online. Website Anti-Malware gives website owners essential tools to fight malware and prevent as well as clear blacklisting:

Daily malware scan (security monitoring)
Notification/ Alert configuration
Comprehensive Malware Scan Report
Blacklisting checks and malware removal & remediation by experts
Quttera Website Anti-malware Scan seal to build trust
Professional dashboard with easy to use & straightforward UI

Which hosting do you support?

THREATSIGN! service is CMS as well as hosting independent service. We scan, monitor and remove malware from websites that created on any CMS system and hosted on any web hosting out there.

Below is a growing list of hosting companies Quttera works with:

Web Hosting Providers

Can THREATSIGN! work in parallel with another provider?

Your hosting can work with another provider offering malware solution. THREATSIGN! works perfectly with any other solution, without any negative effect on the results. You can sign up at any time and have as many other solutions in place. Finally, you should be with trusted provider that best fits your needs.

Initiate Malware Cleanup For Your Website Now

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