how to fix redirect

My domain is redirected to another URL/site/server how to fix it?


Redirection from one URL to another may be implemented in several layers:
  • web-server configuration file - i.e .htaccess and lighttpd.conf
  • HTML level redirection - i.e <meta http-equiv="Refresh" .../> tag level
  • JavaScript level redirection - i.e window.location object "window.location = ''

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In general, web-server configuration files are not (SHOULD NOT) be accessible from remote server thus our online scanner might not be able to detect redirections of the first type(web-server configuration file based).

Following are few examples of rules implemented to redirect visitors browser from one URL to another using web-server configuration file.

My website is hosted on apache web-server

Redirection using .htaccess file

Look for similar rules:

Pure redirection
Redirect 301 / 
Redirection of a specific file to another web-site
Redirect /index.html
Modifications to index file
DirectoryIndex index.html

Redirection using .htaccess rewrite rules

The Apache module mod_rewrite provides regular-expression based parser used to rewrite URL requests.
In some cases mod_rewrite is used to redirect request from one destination to another. Iterate over your .htaccess file and look for lines starting from "RewriteRule" word.

Following some examples of mod_rewrite rules:

Redirect from one folder to specific folder on
RewriteRule ^folder1.* [R=301,L]
Redirect access to anyfile to
RewriteRule ^(.*) [R=301,L]

My website is hosted on lighttpd web-server

Redirection using lighttpd.conf file

Configuration rules supported by lighttpd provide possibility to redirect HTTP request from one destination to another using url.redirect rule: url.redirect = <regular-expression> => <new-target>

Examples of rules that could be used for this purpose:

Redirect requests to "" to ""
                ["host"] =~ "^www\.(.*)"
                    url.redirect = ( "^/(.*)" => "http://%1/1" )
Redirect request to "" to ""
                ["host"] =~ "^mydomain\.name"
                    url.redirect = ( "^/(.*)" => "" )

Examples from Quttera blog

Malicious redirection detected by Quttera's online Website Malware Scanner

Malware clean-up

For WordPress based websites this kind of malware is often hidden in the .htaccess file. If your website was infected by similar malware and you need help please use Website Anti-malware Monitoring for remediation assessment.