exploit packs or exploit kits

Exploit packs or Exploit Kits

The exploit packs are very successful for an attack since antivirus software are not designed to detect them, in most of the cases antivirus vendors will detect a part of an exploit pack and the undetected part of the exploit pack distribute a new malware for a victim.

Needless to say that exploit packs have been around for a while. Most of the exploit packs are sold at underground forums that dedicated for hackers, crackers and black SEO. The exploit packs are coming with an UI which give a tremendous opportunity to the attacker to gain real time statistic about victims such as which browsers and browser versions are most successfully compromised as well as which browsers exploits are working best.

The exploit packs designed to investigate a location and range of a victim and of course the main purpose is to infect and serve a new malware to victims. The exploits packs include vulnerability exploits and shellcodes known and unknown one.

Examples of exploit packs could be found at Malware Intelligence site.